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Our Mission

SUNTECT is 100% dedicated to protecting you from the risks of sun exposure

by providing technical UPF50+ apparel with unmatched value.


SUNTECT is a sun protective apparel business based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  You wouldn't think the midwest is the best place for a sun protection company, but in fact Minnesota has one of the highest rates of Melanoma in the United States.  

We entered the sun protective clothing industry over 15 years ago and have spent an enormous amount of time and energy educating, outfitting, and protecting people across the world.  Each year we produce over 1.5 Million yards of sun protective textiles that protect people across a wide range of industries, ages, and locations.

We have become the authority in sun protective clothing for people who work outside and continue to produce innovative and affordable products that people WANT to wear. 

There are over 30 million people who work outside in the US alone.  If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place.  If you own a business in an outdoor industry, we encourage you to consider protecting your teams and your business from the risks of sun exposure.

The conversation of sun protection has become a hot topic with OSHA and in board rooms across the world.  Providing a safe and productive work environment for your employees shows a level of care that our workforce is looking for and promotes a culture of wellness that will extend all the way to your bottom line. 

"The importance of sun protection on the job is an often overlooked concept and a very important factor in reducing the risks of skin cancer.  We are dedicated to providing affordable sun protective apparel to the millions of people that earn a living in the sun.  See you outside!"

Mick Engler | Chief Brand Officer